Do we need Kalabagh dam?

We have previously thought that Kalabagh dam is an issue in that collectively as Pakistan we really need to build this dam but provinces have some very just reservations that have been exploited by politicians to make it such a strong emotional topic that reason fails before such people in rational arguments. We need this dam […]

Understanding the Kalabagh dam

Spearhead Analysis – 28.11.2014 By Saman Tariq Research Analyst, Spearhead Research Reports warn that by the year 2025, Pakistan may face a serious water crisis; the World Resources Institute also ranked Pakistan among the 36 most water-stressed countries in the world in December 2013. The renewable water resources in Pakistan decreased from 2,961 cubic metres per […]

Advantages of Kalabagh Dam

Kalabagh dam which will increase the water resources of the country is being opposed while Thar coal project, which will consume huge amount of water and will contaminate all water, air and land resources of Pakistan is being advocated by the government. • Clean electricity produced by Kalabagh dam will be available to every citizen […]

Sindh viewpoint over Kalabagh Dam Project

The province of Sindh lies nearest to the sea on the Indus River (“lower riparian”) and has been the strongest opponent of the Kalabagh Dam. Its politicians have presented many objections: Sindh’s share of Indus water will be curtailed as water run off from the Kalabagh Dam will go to irrigate farmlands in Punjab and […]

Kalabagh Dam From Wikipedia

The Kalabagh Dam (Urdu: کالا باغ ڈيم‎), is a proposed hydroelectric dam on the Indus River at Kalabagh in the Mianwali District of Punjab Province in Pakistan. Intensely debated and deemed a necessity since its inception, if constructed the dam would have 3,600 megawatts (4,800,000 hp) of electricity generation capacity. History In December 2004, then President […]

Importance of Kalabagh Dam

KALA BAGH DAM IS BACK BONE OF PAKISTAN’S ECONOMY KALA Bagh Dam is not a question but is an answer to our three problems, namely, shortage of water, shortage of electricity and devastating effects of floods. If somebody insists that it is a question, than certainly it is not a political question but at the […]