Do we need Kalabagh dam?


We have previously thought that Kalabagh dam is an issue in that collectively as Pakistan we really need to build this dam but provinces have some very just reservations that have been exploited by politicians to make it such a strong emotional topic that reason fails before such people in rational arguments.

We need this dam because
1. It will be a large source of cheap electricity.
2. It will have a large reservoir of water that will help control water downstream as needed by our agricultural and other needs.
3. It will also control water flow to help avert flooding disasters. We might continue to see more of such flooding problems in the river Sindh belt as weather patterns change.
4. As earlier large dams silt, we will continue to see smaller water capacity of their reservoirs and decreased electricity generation. This will also hurt agriculture in both Punjab and Sindh. Better build a large dam now that can help us continue to control water flow rather realizing the problem later when it is too late.

Sindh Province has reservations that say
1. Our water flow could be controlled and we might get less water. Once, I drove to Karachi from Lahore, and when I stopped and looked down Sukkur barrage, there was so little water in Sindh river, I knew there was some real truth to this reservation. This problem can be solved by national legislation that divides water between different provinces with mutual agreement.
2. Due to decreased water flow, sea water rises into Indus river channels where it makes delta close to Arabian sea. I do think good engineering might be able to solve this problem.

KPK says
1. Some major towns are located at lower height from sea level than the height of reservoir of the dam and may get submerged if the dam is breached.

As far as I see all these problems are more due to honesty deficit between different provinces and can be solved by right legislation, and good engineering skills. Yes, vested interests would continue to talk against everything rational to promote their own politics.

I think the dam if built taking into account the reservations of every province, would benefit all provinces. Let us have a discussion about different possibilities, reservations and how we can overcome the problems in building this dam.