Importance of Kalabagh Dam




KALA Bagh Dam is not a question but is an answer to our three problems, namely, shortage of water, shortage of electricity and devastating effects of floods. If somebody insists that it is a question, than certainly it is not a political question but at the most it is an engineering question. Whether, Nowshera will be inundated with the construction of Kala Bagh Dam is an engineering question. The height of spillway of Kala Bagh Dam is 910 feet from the sea level whereas, the height of Nowshera is 945 feet and Mardan’s height is 970 feet. Hence, there is no fear that Nowshera will go under the water. Kala Bagh dam is the lifeline of Pakistan’s Agricultural and Industrial Economy.

The issue can be resolved if the Master drawings of Kala Bagh dam is taken to KPK Assembly and public notice issued to all Political parties, both in and out of Provincial Assembly to participate in All Parties Discussion regarding the construction of said dam. Presentation of the dam to be the given by Project Director and Political Parties to be represented by their Engineers and not the Politicians. This debate should be live televised on all the TV channels so, that people of Pakistan can assess the depth and sagacity of various Political Parties on said subject. The same exercise can be repeated in the Sindh Assembly and Engineering decision in the larger Economic Interest of the country can be taken on the basis of ground realities i.e. the acute shortage of water and electricity in the country. If people have not realized even after experiencing 16-20 hours load shading in the nook and corner of the country, that there is an acute shortage of Electricity and still the confused Political Leaders oppose the construction of Kala Bagh Dam, than it visibly display the bankruptcy and inability to resolve the problem of Water shortage and Electricity by the self-styled politicians.

On the other hand, India is building 17 new dams on the rivers which flow into Pakistan. Out of 17, 4 dams are being constructed on Indus River in Ladakh and Occupied Kashmir Territories. The future wars are going to take place on the question of water disputes. We have at least half a dozen cites in KPK and Northern Areas where small and large dams can be built, on river Indus. If these projects are not taken in hand on war footing than in next 20 years the lush green fields of Punjab and Sindh would turn into desert, hence, this is the National significance of Kala Bagh Dam. It is a question of “Now or Never”.

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